Bathroom Design Tips

Bathroom design tips

People will always tell you, at least people who know what they’re doing that if you fail to plan then you can plan to fail at whatever you’re doing. The same is true of doing or planning any kind of interior decorating for your home or apartment – you need to plan this well in advance. Otherwise you run the risk of getting halfway through the remodel and realize that you don’t have anything left in your budget or just that you’re not seeing the results you were expecting.

Plant It All Out in Advance

The first and most important step in any bathroom remodel or design is to plan what you have in mind, but get the ideas of your mind and down onto paper instead. You might have the most incredible vision for what your bathroom is going to look like after the redesign, but when you get it down on paper you might not be as impressed as you were before or you might realize that what you wanted to do is simply impossible – as much as you’d love it.

If you’re struggling to map everything out, then you could always use some bathroom design software to help you create the layout that you want and you can work from that as a sort of blueprint. Whatever method you choose, make absolutely certain you get your bathroom design ideas down on paper or in a digital format before you even start thinking about a color scheme.

Set Your Budget

Once the design itself is locked down, or you’re at least happy with it, then the next step is put your budget together and when you’re doing this there are two important things to take into account. The first is to be completely honest with yourself about how much you can afford because if you run out of cash halfway through the project nobody is going to be happy.

And secondly leave some slack in your estimates or basically look at your final costings for everything and then add about 10% – 15% extra to your budget. I kid you not things can and do go wrong and you’ll be glad you had this extra emergency cash to “play” with if the time comes. And if you don’t use the cash on the remodel or bathroom design then you can put it either back in your bank account or treat yourself to something nice and it won’t really cost you anything because you’d already allocated this extra cash to your budget.

Which Contractors Will You Need?

When you’re putting together your budget for your bathroom design project make sure you take into account all the different types of contractors or trades people you’re going to need – plumbers, electricians, tilers etc. Even the very best DIY guy winds up needing a little bit of professional help or advice now and again when doing this type of work.

So even if you don’t think you’re doing to need outside help it would be wise to budget for it. Before you hire any contractors or get any quotes it’s a good idea to price the project yourself – a trip to 2 or 3 DIY or hardware stores is all that will take and if some contractor tries to overcharge you at least you’ll be able to question how much he’s charging for the materials if nothing else.

Here’s just a quick list of things you’ll need to consider when it comes to design your new/existing bathroom:

  • Overall theme
  • Paint color scheme
  • Flooring choice – tiles, stone etc
  • Window coverings
  • Shower or tub?
  • Lighting
  • Mirror choices
  • Type of toilet
  • Type of sink
  • Type of faucets
  • Heated floors
  • Heated towel rails
  • Vanity unit or not?

These are all potential elements of your redesign or remodel for your bathroom so it’s worth giving each of these careful consideration as part of your overall bathroom design plan folks.

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