A.O. Smith vs. Bradford White: Which Is Best?

Bradford White Vs AO Smith

For your warm and cordial acceptance of winter, you need some plans about your water heater. You don’t want your young and aged people to suffer during winter.

It’s not quite easy to find a perfect water heater these days. You can have a variety of products out in the market. Choosing one from those products will take some of your time as well.

For your consideration, we try to tell you about two of the best water heater brands out in the market.  We compile a detailed research on bradford white vs ao smith water heaters. Thus, you can find the best one in 2020.

Let’s have a look!

A.O. Smith vs. Bradford White: At a Glance

 Bradford White Water HeaterAO Smith Water Heater
 Water Flow Rate
Water Flow RateThe Bradford White water heater offers 4.4GPM flow rate.AO Smith water heater offers 10 GPM flow rate.
 Higher Quality
Higher QualityProtective mechanism ensures high performance and comes with high quality as well.AO smith offers comparatively lower performance and facilities than Bradford white water heater.
 Warranty Service
Warranty ServiceBradford white water heater offers 6 years of service warranty.This brand offers 12 years of warranty service.
PricingWith a logical pricing, Bradford offers better quality of products.AO Smith has an affordable price tag than Bradford.

Everything you need to know about Bradford White Heater

Here we try to give you some ideas about Bradford White Heater for your consideration. With some special features and good quality, Bradford heater offers you a smart working solution.

Let’s walk you through some key features of Bradford White Heater.

Soundless Operation

This brand is associated with great features like a noiseless operation process. You will feel no irritating noise during the operation of Bradford white water heater. Users can easily boil the water in no time without any inconvenience. For heating the water, soundless operation really helps a lot.

Heating Mechanism

Bradford incorporated with balanced heat efficiency for heating water. Heat transfer mechanism associated with good water flow rate criteria makes it even good in quality. This brand works with a heated rod mechanism. This feature helps to boil water with a better flow of water with 4.4GPM.

Quality Standard

Bradford offers amazing quality of heating water with better performances as well. With Bradford, you can heat up the water effectively without any kinds of hesitation. For faster heating transfer, it offers 45 Watts elements with 240V voltage power supply. You can easily boil water faster through this.

Warranty Service

Bradford White water heater provides 6 to 10 years of smart manufacturer warranty. This brand is committed to give you the best performance on water heating. You can restore and repair any kind of damaged issue on your product. The warranty will cover any kinds of inconvenience related to the product.


Key Features of 3 best Bradford White Heater

Here are some best Bradford white water heater suggestions for your consideration. With some hours of research, we compile some best features of these 3 products. Before announcing the winner of bradford white vs ao smith water heaters, let’s walk you through the discussion.

1. Bradford White BWC RE350S6 – White Heat Pump Water Heater

Bradford White BWC RE350S6

Key features:

  • Manufactured country- United States.
  • High performance with smart features.
  • Offers 4500 watts elements.
  • Non synchronous.
  • Corrosion resistance due to Protective magnesium anode rod.
  • Product weight- 150 Pounds.

Bradford White BWC RE350S6 offers high performance water heaters with better quality. Protective magnesium anode rod makes it a corrosion resistant water heater.

2. Bradford White BWC RE350T6 – Tankless Water Heater

Bradford White BWC RE350T6

Key features:

  • Good quality with elegant design.
  • Balanced heat transferring system.
  • Comes with 3500 watts elements.
  • Corrosion resistant.
  • Dimensions- 23.0″ L x 23.0″ W x 61.0″ H.
  • Product weight- 150 pounds.
  • Non synchronous.

With elegant design and better quality Bradford White BWC RE350T6 is a best choice water heater. Magnesium anode rod helps to avoid leakage.

3. Bradford White 239-45614 – Defender Water Heater

Bradford White 239-45614

Key Features:

  • Highly economical and easy to use.
  • Manufactured country- United States.
  • The product offers a better quality for water heating.
  • Comes with 6 years of warranty service.

Bradford White 239-45614 water heater ensures a productive service on water heating. The brand is highly economical and easier to use. This brand comes with 6 years of warranty.

Everything you need to know about AO Smith Heater

To give you a better knowledge selecting water heater, we try to enclose some key facts regarding AO Smith water heater. You can have detailed information regarding the AO Smith heater from down below.

Integrated Design

People try to find the winner of bradford white vs ao smith water heaters. Before telling you the winner, we can say the main difference between them. The main difference between these two brands is design. To avoid overheating, AO Smith water heater provides an amazing protective mechanism as well.

Energy Consumption

AO Smith is an energy efficient water heater. This brand uses less power for water heating operation. It consumes less time to heat water effectively. Thus, this brand amazingly cuts the energy consumption.

Performance & Quality

With better quality, this brand is differ from other brands with performance as well. It has amazing performance on water heating and consumes less time. AO Smith offers a better flow rate of 10 GPM during the heating operation.

Warranty Service

AO Smith water heater offers replacement and returning facilities to the customer. In case of any wrong-delivered product, the customer can have a warranty option. This brand provides 12 years of manufacturer warranty for repairing or restoring the product.

Key Features of 3 Best AO Smith Heater

It’s really difficult to find some best AO Smith heaters from the vast market. We offer you 3 best AO Smith Heaters for your consideration.

Let’s have a discussion.

1. AO Smith ATI-510-N – Tankless Non Condensing water heater

AO Smith ATI-510-N

Key Features:

  • It provides a Freeze protection facility.
  • Incorporated with a flame sensor.
  • It does not require any additional parts.
  • Maintaining temperature, inlet and outlet thermistors are used.
  • It comes with backflow preventer accessories.
  • Manufacturer offers 5 years of warranty on all parts.

AO Smith ATI-510-N water heater ensures smart performance and great quality for customers. Freeze protection facility helps the water to stay heated.

2. AO Smith EJC-6 – Residential Water Heater

AO Smith EJC-6

Key Features:

  • A residential electric water heater.
  • Solid and compact design.
  • Easier to use.
  • This brand has a side mounted plumbing system.
  • Electrical connection on plumbing for faster heating.
  • Light in weight.
  • Comes with limited 6 years of warranty.

AO Smith EJC-6 is a lightweight and durable water heater brand. If you want a compact designed water heater, this brand is perfect for you.

3. A.O. Smith GCR-40 ProMax – High Efficiency Gas Water Heater

A.O. Smith GCR-40 ProMax

Key Features:

  • Microprocessors ensure faster heating response.
  • Hot water output is maximized with a Dynaclean diffuser.
  • Blue Diamond glass coating makes it a corrosion resistant water heater.
  • No external power required for operating the electronic gas control.
  • This brand provides 6 years of parts and tank warranty.

The AO Smith GCR-40 is a durable water heater made from PEX cross-linked polymer. Corrosion resistance quality makes it even stronger. Any kind of inconvenience is covered by the manufacturer warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the best water heater to buy?

For selecting a proper water heater for your desire, you need to consider some facts before buying. You need to select the type of water heater first.  Instant water heaters will give you heated water instantly. On the other hand, a storage water heater will take some time. You need to consider capacity and power consumption as well.

Some best water heaters are-

2. Does Bradford White water heater support universal thermocouple?

Yes, normally Bradford white water heaters support universal thermocouple. Sometimes, vapor resistant water heaters use specific thermocouples.

Our Verdict

Bradford white and AO Smith both brands have some unique properties of their own. If you consider the pricing and the benefits, AO Smith is a clear winner in this comparison. But, if you look at the quality factor and performance measures, the winner would be Bradford White Water Heater.


We try to give you a short and precise information on A.O. Smith vs. Bradford White water heaters. After the long discussion, you can easily pick your desired water heater.

Best wishes!!

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