Tub Shower Valve Rough In Height

Tub shower valve rough in height

The heights of shower fittings are important factors to consider when it comes to fixing bathroom fixtures. It is important to maintain an ideal distance of the shower valve from the bathroom floor so that the tallest and shortest person can easily use it without any hassles. And the same applies to other bathroom fixtures. This article has covered all the important facts that one needs to know about tub shower rough in height.  

What Is The Standard Rough-In Height For Tub Shower Valve?

The standard height for a shower valve is around 2 feet 4 inches or 28 inches. The shower valve height for bathtubs with shower sets is 4 feet or 48 inches. The minimum height for fixing a shower head is 72 inches. Note that the distance is measured from the bathroom floor or the top side of the shower pan.

In installing or replacing a new shower valve, the pressure-balancing valve is easily available in the market. The valve is ideally used in the bathrooms with a 5-port diverter valve and where the water pressure is too low.

How To Measure The Tub Shower Rough In Height?

The tub shower valve is rough in height depending on whether the shower is to be fixed in a shower stall or a bathtub. However, the positioning also depends on the height of the people who’ll be using it.

Ideally, it’s recommended to position the rough-in shower valve at a standard height. Users will better know where to reach to adjust the water temperature easily.

Read on to learn more about body-mounted location valves for different shower setups.

Measure Shower Rough In Height For Personal Bathroom

Unfortunately, there isn’t any standard rough-in for tub and shower. However, the good part is that you can ensure a standard rough-in suitable to you as well as your family. A standard measure is perfect for a one-for-all family bathroom or a personal bathroom. It’s tricky to come up with a perfect standard measure for a guest bathroom.

According to the local codes the shower head is required to be installed at 72 inches and if any of your family members is taller than this then the height can be adjusted according to the tallest person in the house. It is important to keep the local codes in mind when altering the plumbing system.

Tub Shower Valve Rough In Height For Adult

Listed below are the considered tub shower valves rough in height for an adult –

  1. Get the height of the person into consideration.
  2. Add extra 12 inches to the height measure.
  3. Next, calculate the distance between the bathroom’s subfloor and the top based on the total height.
  4. If the measure doesn’t meet your requirements, consider adding 10 inches or less to the bathroom ceiling.
  5. It is recommended to install showerheads 65-78 inches in diameter.

Tub-Shower Valve Rough In Height For Teenager

Follow the steps listed below to calculate tub shower valve rough in height for teenagers.

  1. Measure the height of the tallest family member.
  2. Add 12 inches to the measurement.
  3. Measure the showerhead’s height.

Measure Shower Rough In Height For Common Bathroom

 It’s not difficult to measure the shower rough in height for a common bathroom as you can easily find the height of the person with the maximum height in the family.

Though the entire family will use the common bathroom, things will turn out to be different if you won’t build a separate bathroom for guests, as the guests will also be using the same bathroom and toilet.

So it’s best to consider the tallest person in the family or in your friend’s circle (who may use the shower unit on a temporary visit to your home).

What Is A Tub Shower Valve Rough In Height?

What Is A Tub Shower Valve Rough In Height

Rough-in for the shower valve is one of the important considerations to keep in mind when installing or replacing the shower valve. It regulates the temperature and flow of water. Usually, the body of the shower valve features four points. There are two inlets for hot and cold water and another two for the tub spout and showerhead.

The standard height of the shower valve depends on the tub rim or the spout. However, it could also be approximated from the floor. Generally, the height is measured at 10 inches from the bathroom’s faucet spout. Measuring the height from the bathroom’s finished floor could range anywhere between 40 and 48 inches.

Note that the measurements may vary according to the standard of the people using the bathroom. The shower valve can be placed at a comfortable height so that individuals can reach it easily. According to industry manufacturers, the shower valve should be fixed at 45-48 inches from the bathroom’s finished floor. The shower valve should be set to 40 inches for a person of 6’10” height. At 40 inches, the valve is generally placed 10 -12 inches higher above the rim of the tub.

How High Should The Valve Be Above The Tub?

The height of the shower valve varies, as they don’t make a huge difference when using the shower. Generally, a shower valve’s average height is 30-50 inches from the floor. For the tub-shower units, the height is adjusted either a few inches above the tub or as the faucet’s part.

How Far Should The Tub Spout Be From The Valve?

The valve rough in height is dependent on two major factors – either the shower is fixed in a shower stall or a bathtub. It is recommended to fix the valve at a medium height to cater to the needs of tall and short people.

Ideally, the height of the tub spout is 4 inches higher than the top edge of the tub spout. There will be air space of 2-inches higher than the overflow rim filling the tub.

The distance between the valve and tub spout is also considered here. The upper limit of the tub spout should be six inches, whereas the lower limit should be 11 inches below the valve.

The tub spout can be no less than and no greater than eleven inches. It is recommended to ensure one elbow from the valve’s tub port to the tub spout.


What Are The Rough-In Dimensions For A Tub?

The Standard dimensions for a tub are 5ft long and 2.5ft wide. Its water depth capacity is 1.3ft or 16 inches. In contrast, rough-in dimensionsfor small-size tubs are 3.75 ft long and 2.5 ft wide. And its water depth is 1.16ft or 14 inches.  

Are All Baths A Standard Size?

The most common tub installations are 60 inches in length, 30 inches in width, and 14-16 inches in height. If you are looking forward to investing in a soaking tub, look for the one measuring between 60 to 72 inches in length. Oversized bathtubs are ideal for individuals who are six feet tall or higher.

What Is A Rough-In Valve For A Tub Faucet?

The rough-in valve is the core of theshower system. Be it a deck-mounted tub filler or an in-wall faucet. The rough-in valve is fixed towards the backside of the wall, precisely controlling the volume and temperature of the water. Every shower requires a rough valve as it serves one of the system’s most important functions.

How Far Should The Tub Filler Be From The Tub?

The tub filler’s spout should be around 6 inches away from the tub. A higher distance may result in unwanted water splashing on the tub filler’s sides.

What Is The Rough Opening For A Tub Shower Combo?

The rough opening for a tub shower combo should be around 5′-1/4″.

What Is The Rough Opening For A Bathtub Drain?

A standard rough opening for a bathtub drain of a 60 feet tub is around 60-1/4′.

Does The Shower Head Need To Be Centered?

Yes, the showerhead needs to be centered, or else the floor space of the bathroom will be drenched with water. Mounting the shower head towards the wall or a window may lead to an unsatisfactory showering experience.

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