Which Bathroom Shower Will Work For Your Bathroom?

Which Bathroom Shower Will Work ForYour Bathroom

Depending on the type of home you live in your may or may not already have a shower in your bathroom. Smaller apartments tend to use showers instead of a bath tub just to save on save but in bigger homes the opposite is true with bath tubs often being fitted instead of a shower.

For all the people who enjoying taking a long relaxing soak in the tub at the end of a tough day there are just as many people out there who much prefer the speed and convenience of a shower. Personally speaking I always feel “cleaner” after a shower and tend to keep my visits to the tub for relaxation or to relieve sore muscles or cramps.

If you’re looking at remodeling a current bathroom or if you’re adding an extra bathroom to your home, then from a space-savings perspective a shower will be the way to go. A quick shower also requires a lot less water and energy for hot water than a filling a tub with hot water – no matter how good that might feel. If you’re living in an area with metered water than showers can help reduce your water bill too.

So what type of shower is going to work best in your bathroom?

Shower cabinet/stall

shower stall If you’re tight on space then a shower stall or cabinet can be a good choice. They don’t take up an awful lot of square footage and can also be tucked into the tightest of corners in a small bathroom design plan.

There’s also a wide range of shower bases and trays to fit into corners of an ensuite bathroom or larger shower bases for a bit more room to move around. A shower tray is also a great idea if you’re renovating a bathroom for an elderly parent because it reduces the risk of them injuring themselves in the bath.

Alcove Showers

If you’re completely renovating your bathroom then you might have the chance to create an alcove for your new shower or you might just be remodeling the current alcove. Alcove showers do offer a lot more space and the convenience of only needing a single shower curtain or door to keep your bathroom floor dry and you also have the choice of either a tiled alcove shower or you can now buy a pre-formed alcove shower that just slots in to the available space – obviously you need to take exact measurements when doing this.

Wet Room

A wet room is basically where the entire room is tiled and is used just for washing – these rooms rarely feature a toilet. Wet rooms are a great way to shower because you have the freedom to move around and really make the most of the showering experience.

The downside of a wet room is the expense that comes with them – they cost several thousand to install because the entire room has to be tiled – every single surface. That being said having a wet room in your home is a fantastic addition to the property in terms of both value and convenience for your family.

Shower Heads

bathroom showerNow we come to one of the most important aspects of installing a shower – the shower head. Regardless of whether or not you’re using an electric shower unit or a water mains-fed shower unit the shower head makes all the difference to a showering experience.

There’s nothing worse than standing in a shower under a feeble trickle of water when you want your body scoured by powerful jets of water. When it comes to modern showers you also have the choice of a rainfall shower, waterfall shower and side-water jets for the ultimate showering experience. Choose your showerhead wisely because it will make the difference between an amazing shower experience and a passable one.

There are lots of other options to look at when putting together your shower room and we’ll cover each of these in more detail on other pages of this site.

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